Info for the Babes

Common questions for boudoirs


Do I have to buy prints from you?

Nope! Most of my gals do opt to invest in a book because it's the most discreet way to display them and simply because they are stunning! However, you are welcome to take your digitals and use them as you wish.

What if I'm not confident in my bod?

Hands down, the BIGGEST value in this investment in this experience is the amazing confidence it will give you. Check out the testimonials if you don't believe me. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL THIS WAY!

Will I feel weird or like a fool?

Yes. All of the above. But we will laugh at ourselves and you'll laugh at me trying to show you what to do. You'll be shocked how sexy the images look compared to hilarious time we have. Once you loosen up you'll start feeling that wild woman come out though and you'll WORK IT! Also, liquid courage is welcome :)

What if I've got areas I don't want to feature?

How many times have you met a girl who things she is perfect? I'm a girl, I get it. We all have areas we want to avoid. You'll tell me what you like about your bod (you have to pick something) and what you aren't obsessed with...and I'll work my magic. You WILL look like a sexy goddess.

What if I'm super shy and/or conservative?

I would not consider my style "raunchy" in any sense of the word. Clients call my work "tasteful", "classy", "suggestive" and "natural". You be you...the vixen deep down that you don't want to let anyone see, but not someone you aren't. Sexy is self defined and I'll help you find that.