Info for the Parents

common questions for all baby-related shoots


Do I have to buy prints from you?

Nope! If you want my suggestion on where to get the highest quality artwork that will have color accuracy & stand the test of time, it will be from me. But you are free to use whatever printer you want! Once you receive your images they are all yours.

MATERNITY | When do we do these?

Ideally around 30 weeks. Later is fine and so is earlier. Whenever you're comfortable, but we don't want to cut it too close just in case and we don't want you UNcomfortable.

NEWBORNS | Does my house have to be clean?

Nope. I find a small area by a window and settle in. If you've got a pinterest-worth nursery ready to go then great, we will shoot it in all it's beauty. Are you way behind and the idea of that overwhelms you? No big deal, we don't need it. I'll work my magic.

NEWBORNS | When do these happen?

Ideally 10-14 days after the baby comes. You book me before then and let me know when they've made their arrival. We'll plan the specific date and time then.

BIRTH STORIES | Will the photos be gross? (client answer)

If [there were any], we didn’t see [them]. I was pretty amazed that her shots were so tasteful and respectful of my body during a time that many would argue is anything but tasteful! (Insert laughter here)

BIRTH STORIES | Will it be weird? (client answer)

Nope. Let’s be real, when you’re in the middle of birthing a child, the last thing you’re thinking about is the photography. You forget about her being there almost immediately!

BIRTH STORIES | Will it intrude on intimacy? (client answer)

Not at all. Betsy was so discrete, a true fly on the wall who captured that magic while respecting our intimate space. And there are so many shots she captured that showed me an intimacy I would’ve never known: Our daughter wasn’t breathing the first few minutes? seconds? she was born. Betsy photographed my husband’s face of worry and then overflowing relief when Baby took her first breath. But because of how I was positioned, I would’ve never seen that!